How to Make Liquid Cocaine Shooter

Shooter is an extremely popular and common drinking theme where two or more alcoholic beverages are mixed together and consumed quickly. These 25-100 ml drinks are made to inebriate while having pleasing tastes. Many are given vulgar or humorous names to add to the shock value and improve one’s chances of remembering them.

Although, Liquid Cocaine Shooter is not the best tasting beverage, but still it is popular and widely accepted among youngsters. It is a mixture of the three strongest flavoured liqueurs that include Jagermeister, Rumple Minze and Goldschlager liqueur. You can also build them in a shot glass if liqueurs are chilled.

The following guide details how to prepare a shooter known as liquid cocaine. This is a prominent shooter due to its potency and killer name. So next time if the bartender seems unaware of this shooter, you should be able to tell him/her exactly how to prepare it.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Serving size: 01
Utensils: Shot glass, Cocktail shaker


– Jagermeister liqueur
– Goldschlager liqueur
– Rumple Minze liqueur


  • 1

    Ensure that your drink is chilled

    Either your liqueurs should be chilled or mixed over ice – on the rocks. Whatever you choose, it will go great. Never try an un-chilled version.

  • 2

    Mix It Up

    This drink is comprised of the three liqueurs, mix them gently into a cocktail shaker and tremble well. All the three liqueurs should be in equal proportions (1/3 oz each).

  • 3

    Shake or Glass

    You can either pour your liquor into the shot glass directly if it has been chilled. If not, pour equal portions of each beverage into a cocktail shaker and shake well. Strain over the shot glass.

  • 4


    Your beverages are now ready to be enjoyed, so go ahead and do so, but remember to be moderate in consumption.

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