Strawberry Champagne Cocktail Recipe

A delicious and strikingly attractive drink, a strawberry champagne cocktail can add an element of glamour and exclusivity to any event. Sweet, stylish, and sophisticated, this cocktail is a great way to get guests in the mood for a fabulous evening, and the best part is it only takes 5 or less minutes to prepare. Poured into champagne flutes, this cocktail makes for an elegant sight, and can also be a clever way to make a little bit of champagne go a long way.

Preparation Time: 3-5 minutes
Serving Size: Serves 6 persons
Utensils: Champagne flutes, stirring rod, sieve, knife, electric blender, large pitcher, large mixing bowl

– 1 x 250g properly washed fresh strawberries
– 80ml/1/3 cup crème de cassis
– 1 x 750ml champagne bottle
– Strawberries or twists of lemon peel for garnishing purposes


  • 1

    To begin, place your champagne flutes in the refrigerator, to allow them to chill – this way, they will develop a frosted appearance, which will add immensely to the visual appeal of your drink.

  • 2

    Now, roughly chop up your fresh strawberries, and then slide them into the electric blender – make sure the blender is absolutely clean, with no residue left over from the last time you used it. Once all the strawberries are in, pour in the crème de cassis.

  • 3

    Next, turn the blender on at a medium speed, and pulse the chopped strawberries and crème de cassis together, until they are thoroughly incorporated, and the mixture is smooth. Turn the blender off, and pour this mixture out into a large mixing bowl.

  • 4

    Then, slowly pour the champagne into the mixing bowl, over the pureed strawberries and crème de cassis mixture – make sure you pour it in gradually, so it doesn’t foam up and overflow. Once all the champagne is in, set the bowl aside for few minutes, until the bubbles disappear.

  • 5

    Now, use the stirring rod to gently stir the drink, until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Then, proceed to place a sieve over the mouth of the pitcher, and pour the drink in through this, so that the wire mesh catches all the strawberry seeds.

  • 6

    Place the pitcher in the refrigerator to chill completely. Then, you can pour the cocktail out into individual champagne flutes, and garnish them with sliced strawberries or twists of lemon peel. Your strawberry champagne cocktail is now ready – serve chilled.

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