Yule Mule Cocktail Recipe

The Yule Mule cocktail makes for an excessively refreshing drink, which is usually served on summer days or during lunch time owing to the cooling effect it has. Traditionally made with vodka, lemons, and ginger beer, the drink can also be tweaked to make it non-alcoholic, by substituting the vodka with a white carbonated drink. Taking hardly 3 to 4 minutes to prepare, the drink is made of simple ingredients that can easily be obtained, and then mixed together to create a delicious and unique cocktail.

Preparation Time: 2-3 minutes
Serving Size: Serves 6 persons
Utensils: Pitcher, cocktail serving glasses, stirring spoon

– 375 ml vodka
– 4 lemons
– 562.5 ml ginger beer
– Crushed ice, according to your requirement
– Lime wedges, for garnishing purposes


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    Start by squeezing the juice of four lemons into the pitcher you will be using to mix your drink. Make sure you buy fresh lemons, which are medium to large in size. Before using them, rinse the lemons with water to wash off any dirt or soil that might be clinging to them. Then, you can slice them in half and proceed to squeeze their juice out into the pitcher – you can simply use your hand to do this, but make sure you catch any seeds with your other hand, and prevent them from making their way into the drink.

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    Once the lemon juice is in, pour the vodka into the pitcher too – you can use any brand (as long as it is a good one, like Grey Goose), but make sure you do not use flavoured vodka, as the taste might not blend into the overall flavour of the Yule Mule, and make for an odd, unpleasant addition to the cocktail.

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    Now that all the ingredients are in, take a long stirring spoon, and proceed to swirl all the contents about until they are thoroughly blended. Then, line your serving glasses up in a row (old-fashioned, bucket, or rocks glasses will work best for this drink).

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    Drop some crushed ice into each glass, and proceed to pour the vodka and lemon juice mixture into each glass, leaving around 3 inches of space at the top. Then, top each glass with ginger beer, garnish them all with lime wedges, and serve chilled.

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