How to Make a Planter’s Punch Cocktail

The Planter’s Punch Cocktail is a rum based drink that also falls in the category of classic drinks. This cocktail drink appeared on the scene way back in 1908 when it was published in an edition of the New York Times. With this edition, Planter’s Punch Cocktail started gaining popularity and at a snail’s pace, it became a super hit drink of the summers. However, the origin of Planter’s Punch Cocktail is a bit controversial because some claim that this drink was invented by Jamaican Planter’s wife in order ease the labour. On the other hand, few associate this cocktail drink with Planter’s Hotel that is located in St. Louis, but none of these claims are certain yet.

The prominent ingredients of Planter’s Punch Cocktail include dark rum and grenadine, which are mixed with other items to form an uplifting drink. However, different bartenders try out various combinations to make Planter’s Punch Cocktail, but the original version of this drink is still a favourite among cocktail devotees. If you also like to make a glass of original version of Planter’s Punch Cocktail then, consult this guide as it has the recipe of this drink along with all the necessary ingredients.

Preparation Time: 3 minutes
Serving Size: 01
Utensils: Mixing Glass & Highball Glass

– 2 oz dark rum
– 1/4 oz grenadine
– equal parts sour mix and either  orange or pineapple juice to fill
– club soda (optional)
– maraschino cherry for garnish
– orange or lemon slice for garnish
– ice


  • 1

    Take grenadine and mix it with rum and then pour them all in a mixing glass that should be filled with cubes of ice.

  • 2

    Shake this mixture well.

  • 3

    Then, strain this mixture into a highball glass that should also be filled with ice cubes.

  • 4

    Top off this mixture with club soda, if you like, as it is an optional ingredient.

  • 5

    Place a cherry or lemon slice in order to beautify this drink.

  • 6

    Your cocktail is ready to serve or drink!

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