How To Get A Beer License

Because of the significance and the special place that alcoholic drinks have in our lives, the beer industry is expanding with the passage of time. If you are one among those planning to enter the beer industry, then you must be aware of the importance of getting the beer license. It is basically your entry ticket into the beverage business in order to generate huge income. Once you get this license, you will be able to sell beer in your restaurant or store. The rules of getting a beer license vary from country to country, so you have to apply for it according to the rules and regulations of your state. If you are a resident of a Muslim state, then you will have to struggle a lot as beer and other alcoholic drinks are prohibited in Islam. On the other hand, getting a beer license in the non-Muslim countries is quiet simple and smooth process.


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    Decide what type of beer license you need

    If you are planning to dish up the beer in few events on temporary basis, then you can get the license for it from your nearest registered from the liquor store. On the other hand, if you want a license to adopt it as a business, then you will have to go through the lengthy but simple procedure – set by the government of your country.

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    Contact the appropriate authority

    Contact the “Division of Alcohol and Beverage Control” of your state and request them for an application to obtain your beer license. Each country will have its own set of rules and regulation for beer business, so make sure to go through each and every rule and requirement.

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    Meet the requirements

    Fill out the forms carefully and try to meet the requirements mentioned in the application in order to be able to get the license. You might be asked to register yourself for a “training course on serving alcohol dutifully” as an owner of the business. Once you pass the training session successfully, get your other employees registered for this training course in order to train them serving or selling beer. As you know that the beer license is highly regulated in almost every state, it can require fingerprinting, social security numbers, background checks and other identification proofs. Moreover, you might be asked to attach some of the supporting forms to the application form.

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    Submit the forms

    Submit the application and forms in the Division of Alcohol and Beverage Control Department within the assigned time.

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    Pay the fee for license

    The beer license definitely involves some fee; so pay it to the appropriate authority for your application for license to be processed legally. The amount depends on the overall volume of beer that you will be selling, the operational hours of your business and on the other variables involved.

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    Wait for the license

    The processing of the beer license is of course a lengthy process, so have patience until you get it. Enjoy your beer business!

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