How to Make Squash Fritters

Squash fritters are perfect for dinner parties, get-togethers, and even family dinners. They serve as great snacks for kids and are quick to make. You can easily make squash fritters after following some simple instructions and guidelines. Remember that squash fritters can also be used as a part of a meal or as a snack. You are only required to get a few ingredients which are easily available at your local grocery store or in your kitchen.


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    Miss Polly’s Squash Fritters

    Prep time: 5 min
    Cook time: 10 min
    Total time: 15 min
    Yield: 4 fritters or serves two
    Utensils: Mixing bowl, frying pan

    Yellow squash, shredded: 1 cup
    Chopped onions: 2 tbsp
    Sugar: 1 tsp
    Salt: to taste
    Pepper: to taste
    Egg, beaten: 1
    All-purpose flour: 3 tbsp
    Butter: 2 tbsp

    Grate squash

    First, you need to grate yellow squash until you have a cup.

    Grate onion

    Next, you need to grate onions until you have two tablespoons worth. Mix this with the grated squash.

    Add sugar and egg

    Now, you need to add one teaspoon of sugar and one beaten egg to the mixture.

    Season with salt and pepper

    Add salt and pepper to the mixture according to your taste after adding the sugar and beaten egg.


    Next, stir all the ingredients in order to mix them.

    Add flour and mix again

    Now you need to add three tablespoons of flour to the mixture and continue stirring in order to mix it.

    Melt butter

    Take a frying pan and put two tablespoons of butter in it. Melt the butter on medium heat.

    Pour batter into the pan

    After melting the butter, you need to pour the mixture into the pan just like you pour in pancake batter.

    Flip the sides when brown

    You are required to flip the side after the edges turn golden brown.

    Cook until golden brown

    You need to cook the other side until the entire fritter is golden brown.

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    Mom’s Yellow Squash Fritters

    Prep time: 10 min
    Cook time: 12 min
    Total time: 22 min
    Yield: 4 to 6
    Utensils: bowl, pan

    Crookneck yellow squash, grated: 2 cups
    Onion, grated: 1 medium-sized
    Salt: ¾ tsp
    Sugar: 1 tbsp
    Oil: 2 tbsp
    Egg, well beaten: one
    Baking powder: 1 tsp
    All-purpose flour: 6 tbsp
    Butter: 3 tbsp

    Take a medium bowl and add in the squash, onion, salt, sugar, oil and well beaten egg. Then, blend the ingredients by stirring. Later mix the baking powder with flour, and add it to the squash mixture. Blend all the ingredients well.

    Now melt butter on a skillet and add spoonful of the squash mixture to it. Flip the fritters after a few minutes in order to cook both sides. Take them out and drain once they are golden brown on both sides.

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