How to Make a Churchill Cocktail

Joe Gilmore, was the chief barman at the Savoy Hotel’s American Bar. This bar was a highlight of London’s elite social life. Joy served generations of royalty and important figures like Richard Nixon, Harry S.Truman and Winston Churchill himself. Churchill was a frequent visitor to the bar and one fine evening, he requested Joe to blend a cocktail in his name. He came up the Churchill cocktail, just like the Nixon cocktail for Richard Nixon and Moonwalk cocktail for Neil Armstrong. Joe also named a cocktail Four Score for Winston when he turned eighty and another one as Blenheim on the 90th birthday. Churchill Cocktail now remains an impeccable classic drink worthy of being served to your most important and loved guests. Today, lets drink to the versatility and wonders of the cocktail world with our step by step guide.

Serving size:Add up the ingredients in the right proportion for as many drinks as you want.
Preparation Time: Five minutes
Utensils:Electric shaker, Cocktail Glass


– 3 parts Scotch whiskey
– 1 part sweet vermouth
– 1 part lime juice
– 1 part Cointreau
– Crushed ice as required
– Lemon slice cut in half for Garnishing


  • 1

    Take out your electric shaker. Chill it with crushed ice. Chilling the shaker before the process makes a better chilled drink.

  • 2

    Pour the ingredients in their right proportions into the shaker. The order of pouring does not matter.  Shake vigorously to get a good mix.

  • 3

    Take out your best tall cocktail glasses. Pour the cocktail into them neatly. Do not add anymore ice into the glass. It has to be served straight up without any extra chill.

  • 4

    Garnish if you feel like, though the drink has a natural appealing look itself. A slice of lime tucked on the glass side will serve the purpose. However if you are in the mood for a fine art display then peel the lemon skin into curls, wrap them around a toothpick and let it float over the drink. Cheers to Churchill and his love for exquisite cocktails.

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