Air Mail Cocktail Recipe

It is thought that the Air Mail cocktail takes its particularly unusual name through the literal concept of air mail as it is thought to be the most rapid way of travelling from point A to Z. If you are prepared to let this potent drink work its magic of transferring you in a tranquil state within the quickest possible time, we’d suggest, go for it! This classic recipe first seeped its way in the 1949 Esquire’s Handbook for Hosts and has been a success since then. The honeysuckle used in the ingredients adds that ‘sweetness’ that is so required in our drinks and our lives, while a faint touch of citrus makes the Air Mail cocktail as fresh as the morning dew. If that isn’t enticing enough to make you try the drink, the fact that there is Rum and Bacardi to work their magic and tease your senses. This article will list down the secret to this treasure in a few easy steps, with the ingredients required and time needed to prepare.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes.
Serving Size: 1 glass


– 2 shots of Bacardi Oro golden rum
– ¼ shot of Monin Honey syrup
– ½ shot of Freshly squeezed lime juice
– ½ shot of Freshly squeezed orange juice
– Add Perrier Jouet brut champagne on the top of these ingredients.
– Ice cubes


  • 1

    The most important thing to do first is thoroughly wash your hands and your work surface. be sure to also thoroughly clean all the utensils and dishes that you will be using to make this unique and exciting cocktail. Remember it is always important that you wash everything to avoid any issues later on.

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    Take a cocktail shaker and carefully add ice to it. Pour the shots of Bacardi Oro golden rum and the Monin Honey syrup in to the cocktail shaker. Next you should add the freshly squeezed lime juice and the fresh orange juice. Make sure that you are using fresh ingredients to enhance the quality and taste of this exciting cocktail.

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    Now you should shake the entire mixture until it is properly chilled and thoroughly mixed together. Look in to the cocktail shaker to check that the entire mixture has a smooth texture. Pour the mixture in a glass and then top it with champagne to add some zest to the entire cocktail.

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    You can use different items for garnishing but usually mint leaves work the best. However, when it comes to garnishing, the choice is entirely up to you as per taste.

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