How to Freeze a Beer in 2 Seconds

When you tell somebody that you can freeze a bottle of beer in two seconds, he or she would never believe you. However, it is possible if you follow a set of instructions. The beer can be frozen in a matter of seconds with the process of supercooling. It is a scientific phenomenon in which a liquid falls to a temperature below 0°C but its state remains liquid. When you shake it, the molecules react and the liquid freezes in a matter of seconds.

Things required:

– Beer bottles
– Glass
– Bottle opener


  • 1

    Choose the right beer bottles

    You can use any beer for this purpose; however, make sure that the bottle is clear as you would want the guests to clearly see whether the beer has frozen or not. A darker bottle will not make the drink visible to all of the guests. You need to buy two clear bottles of beer from a local store.

  • 2

    Place the beer in the freezer

    Place the two bottles in the freezer and make sure nobody sees it. The bottles should be sealed when you place them in the freezer. Keep them inside for at least two hours.

  • 3

    Prepare the act

    It is extremely important that your friends and family do not see you getting the beer out of the freezer so be careful while doing that. Gather everybody in one area and get ready for the act.

  • 4

    Open one bottle and pour the beer into a glass

    First of all, open one bottle and pour the beer into a glass. This is only done to show onlookers that the first bottle is liquid and not frozen. Once you have opened the beer, place it it front of you on a flat surface.

  • 5

    Tap the second bottle on the first one

    Now, hold the second bottle, and tap it's bottom on the mouth of the first one that has been placed on the table. The beer in the second bottle should freeze when you tap it one or two times. The liquid molecules in the bottle react when you tap the bottle and if the drink is nicely chilled, the beer inside will freeze in a matter of seconds.

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