How to Make Peach Wine

If you like the taste of peaches then you should consider making some peach wine. In addition to being extremely tasty, peach wine is an excellent way of using up peach pulp. Two types of peaches are used to make wine, yellow peaches which contain large amounts of acid and white peaches that are less acidic with a much sweeter taste. Furthermore, the recipe can also be used for wine prepared from nectarines. Follow some simple techniques to prepare peach wine.

Prep time: 1 year 6 days
Utensils: Containers, bowls, mixers

Peaches: 1 kilo
Water: 7 pts
Fine sugar: 2 tablespoon
Acid blend: 1 to 2 tablespoon
Pectic enzyme: 1 to 2 tablespoon
Tannin: 1 tablespoon
Campden tablet: 1
Wine yeast: 1 packet
Yeast energizer: 0.5 tablespoon


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    Before doing anything else, you will be required to weigh the peaches as you will need about 1 kilo of peaches for one bottle of wine but the quantity of peaches mainly depends on the quality and variety of fruits. Use a knife to peel and cut the peaches and remove the brown spots. Make sure you wash the fruits thoroughly and remove all of the flesh from the stone to ensure the best flavour.

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    Next, you will be required to extract as much juice as possible from the pieces of fruit. This can be done by placing the peaches in a nylon bag and crushing them in a container. Add all ingredients into the peach pulp that include sugar, yeast, water, acid blend, yeast energizer, tannin, wine yeast and campden tablet.

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    Add hot water into the mixture and mix thoroughly until it achieves the required specific gravity, which is 1.1. It is advised to measure the specific gravity of the mixture using an appropriate piece of equipment since different varieties of peaches can have varying densities.

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    Let the mixture dry for a complete day before adding yeast into it. Apply the fermentation process for three to four days until it achieves 1.04 specific gravity. Keep the mixture in an aright container for three weeks.

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