Tips to Open a Bottle of Champagne or Other Cork Closed Sparkling Wine

When you order a wine or champagne at a restaurant, you do not have to pull the cork out or use special tools for it. The staff present at the place can do it for you. However, if you are celebrating any event outside your home and do not have appropriate tools, there are a lot of other methods invented for this purpose. Certainly, the skill to open corked bottles, comes with practice, but there are some useful guidelines that will prevent spillage and the subsequent embarrassment.

Things Required:

– Cork Screw
– Screw Driver
– Wrench


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    First things first, you should able to use a corkscrew, which are available in various designs and shapes. If you are using a corkscrew, take the bottle and remove extra wrapping. Hold the tip of the spiral corkscrew. Now pull the handle and start to twist the corkscrew into the cork it in a circular motion. It is recommended to twist the corkscrew until the end. When the cork screw is completely inside the cork, begin to pull out.

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    If you do not have a bottle opener and want to open the wine bottle, the simplest method is to push the cork inside the bottle. To carry out such an operation, you need a long wrench or screwdriver, otherwise use your hands. Place your thumb on top of the cork fixed to the bottle. Continue to press the cork smoothly without sudden movements. This method should not be tried for low-grade glass bottles whose bottom may come due to excessive pressure.

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    Squeeze the cork out: hold the bottle by the neck and wedge it between two tough surfaces. Pull it slowly and once the cork is halfway out, pull it out with your fingers.

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    If all else fails, you should twirl a bottle three times in each direction about its axis and try again to push the plug.

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