How to Make an After Eight Shooter Recipe

After Eight shooter is one of the refreshing drinks you’d like to have after dinner. It’s a delicious minty cocktail that throws away the laziness that you get after dinner. Thought, a perfect post dinner drink it may be, you can serve the same in just any party, i.e. it’s high in taste but light in effect.

The main ingredient of the shooter is cream liqueur which is composed of Irish whiskey, cream, sugar and cocoa. It’s available from thick creamy to light milky forms and the color ranges from brown to beige. Bailey’s is probably the only producer or else is the original and most trusted brand so be sure about it while buying. Another important ingredient is Peppermint schnapps which is made of fresh peppermint leaves and so gives a refreshing taste to the recipe. And last but not least, Kahlua, the rum based liqueur tasting more like Mexican coffee; it’s dense yet sweet!

While making a shooter, it’s the process that matter more than the ingredients, so follow the guidelines for the quantity of ingredients and steps involved in mixing them up!

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
serving Size:
Shot Glass, Spoon

Kahlua (1/2 oz)
Irish Cream (1/2 oz)
Peppermint Schnapps (1/2 oz)


  • 1

    Coffee Liqueur First

    Take a shot glass and place it in refrigerator for few minutes until shill thoroughly. Remove the glass once chilled and pour 1/2 oz of Kahlua into it.

    Note: If you do not have Kahlua available at home, then you can replace it with the same quantity of similar coffee liqueur.

  • 2


    Now, take a spoon and hold its curved side into the shot glass. Gently top the Kahlua with 1/2 oz of fine quality Irish Cream in order to form an attractive layer.

  • 3

    Finish Strong

    Finish the shot by floating 1/2 oz of the peppermint schnapps into the shot glass, forming the final layer of the beverage. Wait for few seconds until the final layer of the drink settles down.

  • 4


    Your After Eight Shooter is all set; serve it immediately. Enjoy this delicious shot, go it.

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