How to Make a Link Up Cocktail

Link Up Cocktail was made known in 1975 by Joe Gilmore – a barman in the Savoy’s American Bar. The purpose of introducing this beverage was to honor the American and Russian astronauts who were linked up in space for the Appolo-Suyez project. Being Joe Gilmore’s largest creation, the drink acquired massive amount of fame not only because of the name, but the taste was also pleasant enough to make its place among the best cocktails.

In casual gatherings people usually do not face a problem while selecting an appropriate drink for their guests. But if you are planning to have a formal get together, then a classic welcome drink becomes an essential part of the gathering. Standard ratio of ingredients used in the beverage that do not make people uncomfortable is what a classic drink requires and Link Up Cocktail has all that a perfect party drink requires. The fusion of three ingredients used in Link Up Cocktail results in an exciting and decent drink which will make your gatherings fun and exciting. Combination of spice, neutral spirits and whisky flavoring forms Southern Comfort. This American Liqueur, along with the Russian Vodka and fresh lime, will bring thrill into your glass. The ratio of ingredients can be increased according to your need.

Preparation Time: 2 minutes
Serving Size: 4 servings
Utensils Required: Cocktail shaker, Strainer and cocktail glasses


– 40 ml of Southern Comfort,
– 40 ml Russian Vodka
– 1 ½ teaspoon of Lime Juice
– Crushed Ice (According to your requirement)
– Lemon Wedges
– Mint Leaves


  • 1

    Take a cocktail shaker and add half portion of each ingredient in it along with the crushed ice.

  • 2

    Shake all the ingredients in such a way that they are all properly mixed with each other.

  • 3

    Take a strainer and place it on a beautiful cocktail glass. Strain the drink into it. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining portion of the ingredients.

  • 4

    Before serving the drink, do not forget to garnish it with mint leaves and lemon wedge if required.

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