How to Make a Fuzzy Navel Cocktail

This uniquely named cocktail derives its name from the peach (fuzzy) and orange (navel) elements that give it its unique and delicious taste. Believed to have been first concocted in Ohio in the 1980’s this drink has become extremely popular with a wide range of people who are of a legal drinking age.

As always, if you are drinking elect to take a taxi or have a designated driver. There is no need for this cocktail to be your last.

Prep time: 2 minutes

Peach schnapps: 2 oz
Orange juice


  • 1

    Ice in Glass

    Fill your glass 3/4 of the way with ice.

  • 2

    SchnappsĀ and Juice

    Add the 2 oz of schnapps into the glass first. Pour enough orange juice to fill the glass to the top.

  • 3

    Stir and Serve

    Using your spoon, stir the drink together fully. It is now ready to drink and enjoy.

  • 4


    Garnishing always doubles the taste, and especially if you're presenting a drink to a guest it must be garnished to look great. Garnish your drink with a lime, mint or strawberry whatever is available and it'll show your sense of aesthetics along with expertise in taste.

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