How to Make Bad Beer Taste Better

Sometimes your beer may taste really bad and you may not know what to do.  However, it may only be because the beer is warm or if you are a new drinker. Fortunately, there are several ways which you can use to lessen the bitterness in the beer. Adding small quantities of lemon juice, ice, soft drinks or hot sauce can change the taste of the beer for the better and you may find the new drink extremely likeable. For the best results, make sure the beer is always chilled, because warm beer tastes quite different.


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    Lemon juice

    Lemon juice or a lime slice can be added to the beer to change its taste. The lemon will give an added citric effect to the beer and the lime will neutralize any bitter taste it has. Generally, non-beer drinkers favor this method because of its effectiveness.

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    The bad taste may only be because the beer is warm. A beer’s flavour is totally changed when you drink it warm. Adding a bit of ice can certainly change the taste and the melting ice will surely neutralize the effect of bitterness in the drink.

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    Hot sauce

    Adding a small quantity of hot sauce will give your beer a lift and will add a bit of spice to the drink. It may not be liked by most people but those who like fiery drinks will be pleased by it.

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    Soft drinks

    You can add a fizzy drink to the beer to neutralize the bitterness. Adding carbonated lemonade will make your beer smooth and considerably improve its taste.

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