How to Make a Montgomery Cocktail

There are some cocktails that are known to be classic as there is no change in their demand ever. This is because such cocktails are traditional and are thus considered evergreen. The Vodka Montgomery cocktail is one of these. The recipe for this Cocktail is very much conventional and is actually meant for a classic cocktail. It is prepared with vodka and dry vermouth and is served in a chilled cocktail glass along with garnish and a twist of lemon zest. If you have ever tried preparing a cocktail before then making Montgomery Cocktail may not prove to be difficult for you. There is a simple procedure that needs to be followed in the process of making it. However, you have to ensure that the ingredients and other things required are are readily available.

Preparation Time: Less than 30 minutes
Servings: 01
Utensils required: Chilled Cocktail Glass, Shaker and Stirrer

– Vodka (90ml)
– Dry vermouth (30ml)
– Crushed ice
– Twist of Lemon Zest


  • 1

    Take a standard sized regular cocktail glass and put it inside the freezer atleast an hour before the cocktail is to be served.

  • 2

    In a cocktail shaker, put some ice cubes. To have better results crush the ice cubes so they chill the drink quickly and add to the taste.

  • 3

    After that pour all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker i.e. 90ml Vodka, 30 ml Dry vermouth and thoroughly shake it. Use a stirrer to ensure that the crushed ice is properly dissolved in the mixture.

  • 4

    Bring the cocktail glass out of the freezer and carefully strain all the ingredients in it. For decoration, add a twist of lemon zest.

  • 5

    Your cocktail is now ready to be served. Make sure you do not waste any time for serving once you have added lemon zest into the cocktail as the taste might change.

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