How to Make a Cheeky Vimto Cocktail

The name Cheeky Vimto cocktail has some surprises for us all. The first part of the name is true. This cocktail is indeed very cheeky. The second part however is quite ambiguous. The cocktail does not have any Vimto but is does taste like one when you take a sip. Another interesting thing is it is not even a cocktail. It is an alcoholic drink, usually served in nightclubs and is one of the favorites of London youth. Made with just two ingredients, this drink not only gives you the much needed kick after the end of a long day, but also a reason to celebrate with friends. Grab your cheeky Vimto cocktail glasses and raise your glasses to cheer good drinks, life and yourself.

Preparation time: three to five minutes
Utensils needed: Cocktail glass
Serving size: One person. Increase the ingredients in the right proportion for more than one serving.


– one 330 ml bottle of WKD blue
– 25ml shot port
– ice as required
– Vodka (if you are making extra Cheeky Vimto)


  • 1

    Take out a pint glass. Half fill it with ice cubes or crushed ice, depending on your preference. If you want to crush the ice, put ice cubes in a plastic shopping bag and crush them with something heavy. This will give you a chilled drink.

  • 2

    Now pour the shot of port into the glass.

  • 3

    Top up the port with the WKD bottle.

  • 4

    Your cheeky Vimto is ready to serve.  You do not really need garnishing for this drink. However different colored straws look good in the glass. Cheers to all the good things in life!!

  • 5

    Some people add up vodka to the mixture and call it an extra cheeky Vimto which has stronger taste. The trick is to add the vodka while you are still pouring the WKD so that they mix well together.

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