White Wine Cup Cocktail Recipe

A White Wine Cup cocktail is the perfect choice for a summer lunch party, or an outdoor soiree in warm weather. Made of simple ingredients which are easily available, the cocktail is a combination of white wine, brandy and ginger ale, along with fresh fruit juices of your choice (although citrus always works best). If you feel the drink might be too sweet for your liking, you can substitute the ginger ale with club soda. This cocktail is best served in a punch bowl, so guests can help themselves, and come back for seconds if they want.

Prep time:5 minutes
Yield: 4 servings

white wine: 1 bottle
brandy: 2 oz
ginger ale or club soda: ½ litre
white sugar: 2/3 cup
orange juice: 1 cup
lime juice: 1
lemon, sliced: 1
orange, sliced: 1


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    Start by obtaining an attractive punch bowl – if the party is a fancy one, you can go for more elaborate styles, such as the stemmed varieties, or the types that come with exquisite stands underneath them. However, a regular punch bowl will also work just fine, as it will not impact the flavour of the cocktail in any way. You can line up individual cocktail glasses next to the punch bowl, along with a ladle with which guests can help themselves.

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    To prepare, simply pour the main ingredient – the white wine – into the punch bowl, and then follow this up by adding in all the other ingredients (brandy, ginger ale, orange juice, lime juice, orange and lemon slices, and the white sugar).

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    Then, take a spoon and stir the ingredients in order to combine the flavours of the brandy, white wine, ginger ale/club soda, and the orange and lime juice. As you stir, the white sugar should start to dissolve, and the fruit slices should start to lend their flavours to the cocktail.

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    Once the sugar is completely dissolved, your white wine cup cocktail is ready – chill it in the refrigerator, and right before you serve it, add in a couple cubes of ice to keep it chilled.  Do not add the ice too early, as this will make the drink watery and dilute the taste. You can also refrain from adding in any ice at all, and simply keep an ice bucket nearby, so guests can add ice to their own individual glasses.

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