How to Make a Hairy Virgin Cocktail

Hairy Virgin Cocktail is a very popular drink which is made from three simple ingredients like rum, triple sec, and fresh orange juice.

This alcoholic cocktail is an amazing amalgamation of sweet and sour taste which has given it an interesting place in different celebrations around the year. This interesting drink is mostly served in an exotic or highball glass but the use of other cocktail glasses is also frequent. You can blend it with ice in order to further enhance its taste.

Many bartenders prefer adding a garnish of fresh cherry to give it an eye-catching look.

Preparation Time: Approximately 5 minutes

Serving Size: 01

Utensils: Cocktail Shaker, Juicer, Cocktail Glass, Strainer


– 2 parts Orange juice
– 2 parts Pineapple juice
– 2 parts White rum
– 1 part Triple sec
– Fresh Cherry for garnishing – optional
– Ice cubes or crushed ice


  • 1

    Take a cocktail shaker and add ice cubes in it. Now, pour 2 parts of fresh orange juice, 2 parts of fresh pineapple juice, 2 parts of white rum and 1 part of the triple sec into it.

  • 2

    Place the strainer on the opening of the cocktail shaker. Seal it properly, and shake it powerfully for the next few seconds until mixed well.

  • 3

    Hairy Virgin Cocktail is ready. Strain it into a highball glass and garnish with a fresh cherry.

  • 4

    Drink it or serve immediately. Have fun!

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