How to Make the Best Homemade Wine

While buying wine from the market can be expensive, you can make a perfectly decent wine at home with the help of inexpensive supplies. While this wine will not be fancy, it will still taste good with just the right amount of alcohol to leave you wanting more.

Prep time: 30 min
Total time: 6 weeks
Yield: 5 servings
Utensils: Small funnel, Rubber band, Balloon, Jug.

White granulated sugar: 3 cups
Bread-making yeast: 1 packet
Frozen juice concentrate: 1 can
Water: According to desire


  • 1

    Start by defrosting the frozen juice by placing it in a bowl of water for about one hour. It is preferred that you use warm water for this purpose as using normal temperature water will take longer for the frozen juice to defrost.

  • 2

    Now when the juice is properly defrosted, pour it in a jug along with yeast and sugar with the help of a funnel. Once the contents are in the jug you need to shake them together thoroughly.

  • 3

    You now have to pour water in the jug as well which will activate the yeast. Carefully cover the jug with a lid and then shake it in order to mix the ingredients. Shake with force so that the contents are mixed properly and then take the lid off.

  • 4

    Now take the balloon and slide it over the top of the jug and then secure it with the help of a rubber band. Make sure that the balloon stays on top and air does not enter the jug during the wine making process.

  • 5

    You now have to set the wine in a dark place with temperature somewhere around 70 degrees. Make sure that the location is not damp as this will hamper the wine making process. You will notice that as the juice ferments, the balloon will fill with gases. This is a sign that the process has begun and soon you will have a perfectly made wine all for yourself.

  • 6

    Leave it for around three to six weeks after which the balloon will become deflated and you can then remove it from the jug.

  • 7

    You now have successfully made a homemade wine which you can pour in a glass and enjoy. Remember to properly store your homemade wine in a nice bottle that can be sealed when not in use.

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