Red Snapper Cocktail Recipe

Red Snapper Cocktail is an amazing refreshing summer cocktail greatly inspired by the famous Bloody Mary cocktail. Both drinks are more or less same with the difference of just one ingredient. The gin in Red Snapper cocktail replaces vodka. The Red Snapper Cocktail is a perfect combination of dry gin, thick tomato juice, fresh lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco pepper sauce, celery salt and ground black pepper. You can garnish the Red Snapper Cocktail with Celery Salt and Ground Black Pepper mix in order to enhance its unique taste. This recipe makes one drink but you can just multiply the amount of the ingredients according to the number of guests. Although, Red Snapper cocktail is considered as one of the summer drinks but you can serve it throughout the year as its suits every kind of party. You can serve this drink with a straw to give it a classy and tropical look. It is full of hot and spicy flavour.

Prep time: 3 minutes
Yield: 1 serving

Dry Gin: 90 ml / 3 oz
Fresh, thick and pressed tomato Juice: 90 ml /3 oz
Fresh Lemon Juice: 15 ml /1/2 oz
Worcestershire Sauce: 4 dashes
Tabasco Pepper Sauce: 1 dash
Celery Salt: 2 pinches
Ground Black Pepper: 2 pinches
Ice Cubes: 9 to 10 pieces
Celery Salt and Ground Black Pepper mix for garnishing – optional


  • 1

    First of all, rim your cocktail glass with 2 pinches of ground black pepper and 2 pinches of celery salt. Set it aside for some time.

  • 2

    Meanwhile, place 6 ice cubes in the cocktail shaker.

  • 3

    Add 90 ml of dry gin, 90 ml of fresh and thick tomato Juice, 4 dashes of Worcestershire Sauce, and 1 dash Tabasco Pepper Sauce in the cocktail shaker.

  • 4

    Seal your cocktail shaker properly and shake it gently until all ingredients mix well.

  • 5

    Now, pick up your garnished cocktail glass and place the remaining three ice cubes in it.

  • 6

    Strain and pour the Red Snapper Cocktail mix in the glass and serve with a straw.

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