How to Make a Joker Cocktail

Joker Cocktail, the name says it all! Do not get alarmed by the interesting name of this drink – you will not end-up having a red round nose with a huge comical smile and big ears after having this drink.

The name actually describes the characteristics of the four ingredients used in it. Starting from Vodka, which gives life to a cocktail and is considered as a favorite ingredient of the drink. Cointreau is a brand of an orange flavored liqueur, which was first introduced in France.

Flavored rum, produced with the help of natural extracts of coconut, is known as Malibu. These three interesting ingredients are capable enough to complement each other. The last ingredient used in this teasing drink is orange juice. This fusion of fresh and thrilling ingredients will definitely result in a great tasting beverage.

A glass of joker cocktail will help you in relieving the tension that your mind is going through. Besides that, casual gatherings organized on occasions like New Year, Christmas and Halloween parties are also ideal to serve the “Joker” cocktail!

Preparation time: 3 minutes

Serving Size: 3

Utensils required: Electric blender or cocktail shaker and cocktail glasses


– 3 Shots of vodka
– 3 Shots of cointreau
– 3 Shots of Malibu
– 1 cup of Orange Juice
– Few Orange slice
– Few Red cherries


  • 1

    The procedure starts by adding all the mentioned ingredients, one by one in an electric blender. But if you have a cocktail shaker, then make use of it.

  • 2

    Shake the liquids properly or until you are sure that the ingredients are properly mixed

  • 3

    In the end, take beautiful cocktail glasses and pour equal amounts of the drink in each glass. Garnish the drink with an orange slice and a red cherry.

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