How to Make an Apple Berry Crush (Vodka drink)

With spring is in the air and summer knocking on the door, it is the time for the refreshing, light and delicious pours. So make sure a little tangy spirit gets in your glass with some lip-smacking cocktails. Try an apple berry crush (vodka drink) as it is a simple summer cocktail that is low on alcohol and full of flavour.

You can make large batches of this cocktail for a big group ahead of time, as long as you keep it in refrigerator or on ice.

Prep time: 5 minutes
Yield: 3 servings
Utensils: electric blender, cocktail glasses, plate

Vodka: 1 oz
Apple Barrel Schnapps: 1 oz
Razzmatazz -Raspberry Schnapps: 1 oz
Cranberry Juice: ½ cup
Orange Juice: ½ cup
Ice cubes: 1 cup
Fresh apple slices  for garnishing: 2 (optional)
Fresh cranberries for garnishing: 2(optional)


  • 1

    First of all rim your cocktail glass and set it in refrigerator to chill and settle. This garnishing technique adds to the overall look of your cocktail and ensures flavour with every single sip. Place some sugar, salt, cocktail colored sugar, cocoa powder, graham cracker crumbs or colored sprinkles on a flat plate. Cut a medium-sized lemon in half lengthwise and run all around the rim of the glass until wet. Place it on the plate with the top side down and revolve it until the powdered garnish sticks to rim of the glass. Repeat it with the remaining glasses.

  • 2

    Keep the garnished glasses in fridge until you make an Apple Berry Crush .

  • 3

    Pour 1 oz of vodka into a clean jug of your electric blender.

  • 4

    Top the vodka with 1 oz of Apple Barrel Schnapps and same quantity of Raspberry Schnapps.

  • 5

    Add in one cup of ice cubes and half cup of cranberry juice.

  • 6

    Pour half cup of orange juice into the blender and seal it, placing the lid at the top and tightening it.

  • 7

    Now blend the liquor mixture until ice cubes are finely crushed and form a smooth velvety cocktail.

  • 8

    Unseal the electric blender and divide the Apple Berry Crush (Vodka drink) among the three cocktail glasses.

  • 9

    Float the apple slices or raspberries on top, serve and enjoy.

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