Alabama Slammer Cocktail Recipe

Are you looking for the perfect refreshing drink to surprise your family, friends and colleagues? Alabama Slammer is the best possible solution of your search as it is one of those drinks, which are perfect anytime and for any kind of gathering. This delicious drink screams out during the dog days of summer. It is better to use fresh orange juice for this recipe. However, you can use ready-made packet of juice if fresh oranges are not available. Alabama Slammer shooter is another drink, which is more or less same, but you have to remove the vodka and orange juice from your ingredients list. This easy to prepare Alabama Slammer Cocktail Recipe makes 1 highball drink which is about 240 to 350 ml. However, feel free to double the ingredients according to the number of your guests.

Ingredients (takes 5 minutes)

– 1/2 oz vodka
– 1/2 oz Southern Comfort
– 1/2 oz amaretto
– 1/2 oz sloe gin
– Fresh orange juice – you can use packet of orange juice as well
– Ice: cubes or crushed
– Lime or lemon wedges for serving purpose – optional


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    The primary or first thing that you should do is to thoroughly wash your hands and the entire work surface of your kitchen where you will be preparing this delicious cocktail. Remember to also wash all the glasses and other utensils that you will be using to make this cocktail. It is always a good idea to clean everything first to avoid any health issues later on.

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    Take a highball glass and fill it with ice cubes or crushed ice. Now gradually pour in 1/2 oz vodka, 1/2 oz Southern Comfort, 1/2 oz amaretto and 1/2 oz sloe gin. Grab a large spoon and stir your drink for few seconds until the liquors mix thoroughly. Do not stir to hard as you want the liquors to mix gently so that you get a smooth texture. Remember you can increase  or decrease the amount of a particular liquor depending on  your personal preference.

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    Fill in the fresh orange juice and give a very slight stir to mix the ingredients. Make sure tht the fresh orange juice is mixed in to the cocktail properly so that you get a nice smooth texture. Garnish your highball glass with lemon or lime wedges and serve immediately. Your guests will the love smooth velvety taste of this delicious and exciting cocktail. It is a great way to beat the heat and have a good time as well.

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