Acid Base Neutralization Experiment

If  acid falls on your marble floor, then it can be quite damaging. But how will you protect it? The only way you can do it is by neutralizing the acid Рan activity called acid-base neutralization. All you have to do is spill some Lime Water or Calcium Hydroxide on the acid-affected area. You will notice that your marble floor will remain safe and no damage will be done to it. This process of neutralization can be demonstrated as an experiment, particularly by students who are looking for Science project ideas. But try to arrange the following before performing it.

Required items:
– 2 Marble Tiles or chips
– 2 Glass Containers
– Concentrated Sulphuric Acid (50 ml)
– Calcium Hydroxide (50 ml)
– Plastic Gloves
– Face Mask


  • 1

    Getting Started

    Arrange two marble tiles on a table. If you do not have marble tiles, you can also use pieces of marble chips.

  • 2

    Sulphuric Acid

    Open the bottle of Sulphuric acid carefully. It is advised to wear plastic gloves to avoid contamination with your skin. Also, wear a face mask to avoid fumes.

  • 3

    Acid on marble tiles

    Pour Sulphuric acid slowly onto one of the marble tiles and observe what happens. You will see that the acid starts corroding the marble tile instantly.

  • 4

    The second tile

    Now pour Sulphuric acid onto the other marble tile. Make sure you do not let this reaction continue for long time to protect corrosion of the tile. Now pour Calcium Hydroxide on this tile and observe what happens.

  • 5

    The Neutralization in other container

    It will be observed that the marble tile on which Calcium Hydroxide was added after pouring Sulphuric Acid remains unharmed. This is due to the neutralization reaction that converts acid into water and salt.

    H2SO4 + Ca (OH) 2 ---------------------------CaSO4 + 2H2O

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