How to Measure Without Measuring Cups

You do not always have access to measuring cups, and often need to depend on your judgement and on your hands to add ingredients while cooking different things. Your hands are often tools measuring a quantity of rice, sugar, salt, flour and even sometimes spices. It is completely your common sense in use, which you develop while working in the kitchen. So just rely on your common sense and hands for measuring different ingredients while cooking, if you do not have access to a measure cup at that particular time.

You can also use a piece of cloth, and measure the most common ingredients in your cooking once by a cup. You can add those ingredients by putting them on the piece of cloth on your kitchen table and measure them accordingly. Also, you can use a bowl you frequently use during cooking as a measuring tool and then every time you want to add an ingredient you can put in your bowl and if it is reflection of the quantity that was measured by the cup you can use it safely.


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    Use of Hands

    Use of hands is the most common method used in kitchen by women folks to measure different cooking ingredients without availability of a measuring cup. The routine practice makes them even more perfect than a measuring cup. However, the use of cup or teaspoons in first few days is necessary for development your skills of perfect judgement. It is because that frequent use of cup leaves no need of the cup at the end, because more or less the measured quantity is the same every day and that develops common sense. Measuring tea, sugar, rice, flour and salt is dead easy for one who works in kitchen almost daily.

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    Use of Cloth

    If you do not trust your judgement of measuring things on your hands, you can use a piece of cloth. The process is to spread the cloth on the kitchen table, and pour a cup, a half cup and one-third cup, one table spoon and a half table spoon of any ingredient or all ingredients one by one. See size of each quantity carefully and try to keep in mind for the future use. If you are able to pick up the sizes of all those quantities you can use the same cloth way for measuring things without a measuring cup every day.

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    Use of Bowl

    You can also use a bowl to measure quantity of ingredients in a bowl the way you did on the cloth. Measure each ingredient by a cup for the first time and then pour it into the bowl and then use the size of each ingredient in the bowl for future judgement.

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