How to Get Help from the American Hearing Research Foundation

American hearing Research Foundation is the organisation that offers financial help to people whose researches are focused on the hearing and balance disorders. Not to mention that the objective of their research work is to teach the public about the disorders linked with the inner ears. The AHRF has been working on the same cause for more than half a century and funds almost 10 projects every year. Of course, such topics require financial assistance; therefore, grants are offered to those who best fit the purpose.


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    Come up with a viable project

    No doubt that the projects of such unique and technical nature can be very difficult to continue without external help but if you want to get help from the American Hearing Research Foundation, you must come up with a viable project. It is of utmost importance that you should try to address a unique issue in your search or come up with a valuable addition in the literature. In order to get help from the AHRF, you must make sure that you are spending your time on something valuable and it supports AHRF’s objectives otherwise you will not be able to attract AHRF’s attention.

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    Seek help of experts

    If you are facing some difficulty in your research project or you have inadequate knowledge of anything close to subject matter, it is strongly recommended that you must seek help from expert. Here, you can ask your professors, head of department or any person who has considerable experience in the pertinent field. You must listen carefully to their suggestion and ask them anything you want. It will be hard for you to meet on frequent basis with the experts due to their busy routine, so you should try to gain maximum knowledge from the discussion.

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    Present your proposal

    Due to a limited quota, AHRF offers grants to limited number of projects. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you make ready your proposal in a proper manner and present it to the AHRF’s authorities after the grants are opened. You must take a closer look at every aspect of your project and prepare well for the questioning. It is important that you must convince the panel of AHRF regarding how your project is unique and it will help the association achieve its two goals. Not to mention, you will also have to justify the grant you have demanded.

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