Reader Rabbit Bounce Down in Balloon Town Review

Bounce Down in Balloon Town: Review of Story
The main characters in The Learning Company’s Bounce Down in Balloon Town are Sam the lion and Page the rabbit. While flying in their dreamship over Balloon town they are caught by bubble wrap and fall from their ship. Thank goodness Balloon Town is a very soft, bouncy place to land. Here they meet a rapping turtle and find out that their ship, like everything else pointy in Balloon Town, has been enwrapped with bubble wrap and placed in the pointy castle. Of course the castle won’t be easy to get into. There’s a sleeping bull that’s blocking the entrance and only a band of musicians can wake him. Sam and Page set out to help collect the band’s instruments.

Bounce Down in Balloon Town: Review of Game World
From the castle road, Sam and Page must take a flying pig to either an island or the other half of balloon town across the water. At both places there are a number of tasks to be completed, and a total of five instruments that need to be collected. Full completion of a task earns the player one of the instruments. While completing the task, part of the instrument is awarded to show progress.

Bounce Down in Balloon Town: Review of Activities and Skills
Overall the activities in this computer game are fun. Included are challenges such as mailing packages, climbing up pipes, matching clams and more. The activities teach a variety of skills including simple equations, sizes, rhyming words, memory, completing simple words, patterns, story order, and more. The instructions are clear and the complexity increases as players successfully complete activities.

Bounce Down in Balloon Town: Best Activities
In this computer game, kids will especially enjoy the island where they match cocoon and butterfly patterns. The cocoons then burst into butterflies. Another great game is the bouncy basketball.

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