What Is Bipap And How Does It Work

BiPAP is a term used for bi-level positive airway pressure. A BiPAP machine is a breathing machine or an apparatus used to help patients get smooth air into their lungs without any trouble. BiPAP is used for several purposes and its air pressure can be controlled according to the patient’s need and condition. A modification of CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), BiPAP is preferred due to variable levels of air pressure and this feature has made it useful for people having obstructive sleep apnea.

BiPAP helps the user inhale air more easily and the machine merely provides him/her air support. BiPAP was initially created with an intention to give relief to people suffering from sleep apnea.


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    Put the unit (BiPAP machine) on a flat surface such as table, slab or even floor (if the user is lying on the ground. Connect the tubing (comes with the unit usually) to the unit that you just placed on the hard, flat surface. Make sure that there is no air conditioning in the room the patient is using. Air conditioning can obstruct the functioning of the machine.

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    Now put the mask snugly to the mouth of the patient. Make sure you do not strap the mask so tight that it makes it comfortable for the patient to move his/her head. Tightly strapped mask can leave the patient’s head and face sore. If the pipe (tubing) is not connected, attach it to the mask.

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    Switch on the machine now. When you turn on the unit, the air pressure usually takes a bit of room to adjust. So, you should keep adjusting the attached mask to see if the air pressure does not leak into the patient’s eyes. Air should flow freely through the tubing to the mask and then into the user’s airway, making sure there is no leakage.

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    Using a BiPAP is easier than traditional ventilation devices as it supplies a certain amount of air to the mask attached with the pipe of the machine. The purpose of air pressure is to unblock the airway of the user, helping him or her breathe without trouble. When the user inhales or breathes in through the mask, the air pressure automatically increases as the machine allows variable levels of air pressure.

    The popularity of BiPAP is also because of the preset air pressure that makes it easy to use without any difficulty. Other features that makes using BiPAP ideal is calculation of breaths per minute (BPM).

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