Ordering Books 101

We just can’t get around it, but courses call for book buying during our entire classroom career. For students engaged in an online course, book purchases are made possible through a link on the secured student web page.

Ordering a Book from your school’s online option

Once a student has logged into the student web site, a screen similar to the example below should be displayed that lists the current course. I will use the University of Phoenix as an example.

1. Select the Get Books icon and the screen display will transfer to the book vendor, Specialty Books. This is the official vendor for the University of Phoenix online students. If any of the links don’t work in the current course section, notify your student advisor. The advisor will then get in touch with support if necessary. Next, a sign-on page will be displayed.

2. New users of the link have to create a user account to place book orders. This can be done immediately or as part of the book order completion process. If a student is a previous user, a username and password should be entered to proceed. If a new user, a new user account will have to be created first to place the order. If an order has been made before, enter username and password as needed to proceed.

3. The First Time Customer page has great information regarding the book vendor’s policies. Students select the appropriate area of major to get a list of initial documentation available. These books such as style manuals are essential references used throughout classes at the University of Phoenix.

4. Next, students enter the book ordering area of the site. Select the book choice from the list provided under Search Results.

This area contains essential information such as the title of the book, author, isbn number, and price.

Always check that the course name and number are correct on this screen. The book vendor is also available by phone if this information is incorrect.

First time students need a reference of University of Phoenix policies, style guide, and study aids. These items may change from time to time as the school decides. Check with the advisor if there is any doubt about the reference books used throughout the University of Phoenix program.

5. Press the Checkout Button and a summary screen appears. This screen indicates the quantity of books to order. Enter an amount into the appropriate dialog box.

6. After the quantity desired is entered, items can be removed by clicking the Remove Item button or the quantity of the books ordered by entering a different amount and pressing the Update button. Students then have the choice to Continue Shopping, Proceed to Checkout, or Proceed to checkout with used books.

Continue shopping is used to continue selecting items such as other buooks or software from the vendor.

Proceed to checkout is used to move onto the next part of the ordering process.

Proceed to checkout with used books is used to continue onto the next part of the ordering process and select used books at a discounted price to complete the order.

7. Now select the billing and shipping address for the book order. Required fields appear bolded on the form.

8. Next, select the level of service for the shipment by clicking the option in front of the appropriate shipping option. UPS, Airborne, and other mailing options are listed. If the order requires special handling outside of the listed choices, call Specialty Books directly. When finished, click the Continue with Checkout button. The screen will display a choice of Credit Card payment or an alternate payment method.

To pay by credit card, enter the card number and expiration date then click the Validate button. Cards accepted include American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

For an alternate method, select the Alternate Method link. With this option, students can provide credit card numbers over the phone, fax the credit card number in or write a check or money order for the book purchase. Book orders must total $50 or more for the check or money order option. Keep in mind that shipments will not go out until full payment is received.

9. Press the Next screen button for confirmation of the order. Once the order is accepted, a confirmation screen will appear. Make note of the order number in case there are questions or concerns regarding the order.
Students can expect prompt shipment of the order. Refer to the order number with Specialty Books if there are any questions or concerns. Now hit those books!

Ordering Books Through Other Sources

Books are expensive. Textbooks seem to be more so than others. Therefore, many students have found other sources to purchase books so that they do not extend their budgets.

1. Try the UoP student book exchange forum in Outlook Express. Here many of the books that students need are available at low costs. There is a small risk that the book needed may be unavailable or there may be some delay in shipping the order, so don’t request or look for a book a few days before class.

2. Compare prices with an easy to use online comparison service. A site called Best Book Buys lists the lowest prices for books and includes shipping costs in its low price total. The site also gives direct links to the purchasing site to simplify the process. The only drawback here might be in that availability of the book for purchase. This is something that’s unknown until clicking through to the referring site. Other sites include All Book Stores ISBN Nu, Price Mole, Campus Books, Bottom Dollar, and My Simon . Links to these sites and others can be found on our Text Books page.

3. Use coupons and discounts to discover book savings. Some great sources are Student Advantage, My Points, Able Shoppers, E Deal Finders, My Coupons, Bargain Bliss and Savings Center, Take note of the special coupon codes, requirements, and expiration dates to get the most bang for the buck.

4. The local Library may have the book. Normally books can be borrowed for the six weeks of a course then returned. Most libraries often have extension programs with other colleges and can obtain the book on loan for students. Just be careful with the book and return it in the condition it was borrowed in. No writing, notes in the margins, or highlighters allowed.

5. Local university or community college book stores. Many campuses may have the exact same book for sale. This will save on shipping costs. Some of the book stores will even order the book for students or search other stores in the same area. This is an excellent option in a city like Chicago where many universities are within walking distance of one another.

Oh, and don’t forget, try to get the book as soon as the link is posted for the new class*. Leaving yourself plenty of time to shop, select, and receive a book purchase results in happy book hunting and more money in a student’s pocket.

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