Advice for Freshman Year of College

First year of college can be a frightening experience for many as it is usually the first time that a student has left his/her family and friends in order to get better education.

Not knowing anybody and trying to keep up with your courses can be a daunting task. Don’t panic, take a deep breath and follow these simple tips to help yourself in surviving your freshman year of college and have a great time in the process.

The article below provides the necessary tips and guidelines which can be of utmost importance to every freshman year college student. Scroll down and learn how you can enjoy your college years in the best way possible.

Things Required:

– Application forms
– Appropriate clothing
– Headphones
– Study groups
– Notebooks
– Paper
– Pen
– Textbooks
– Alcohol


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    Make sure that all of your registration documents are in order and have been submitted on time. Also, it is very important that you have paid all of your fees before starting your freshman year of college. Organise yourself to avoid the chaos of the first few days of college. Choose your major and get your courses registered early. Check the timings and location of your different classes so that you know where and when to be there.

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    Personal fitness

    You are required to stay fit and active because many colleges are massive. Some cover many acres and to get from class to another can take some effort. If you are fit then you can easily walk around and carry all of those heavy books. It might seem stupid in the beginning but if you are able to spare a few minutes to exercise early in the morning before your classes begin it can provide relief to any stress that you might have. Remember, endorphins are released during exercise and these help in reducing tension. Try not to consume too much caffeine or energy drinks as these can make you jittery all day and actually increase your stress level.

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    Dorm living

    You should know your roommate and if you have any problem, you need to bring it up with them. Remember, you deserve to have some space and quiet time in order to study, so if there are any issues be sure to handle them politely. It is advisable to set ground rules so you can avoid future conflicts. If your roommate is loud then simply wear headphones while studying or trying to sleep. Keep your room clean and organised. Always keep your personal belongings under lock and key.

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    Stay focused

    You need to be on time for your classes and submitting your assignments. You can get a planner and make sure that you attend all your lectures. It is recommended to get all the materials like textbooks, notebooks and pens ahead of time. Create study hours and follow your daily schedule properly. Remember that study groups are the best way to learn something as both parties benefit from each other.

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    Get involved

    Take a tour of your campus and get familiar with it. It is advisable to join a campus group that can help you get things done. Join a group that interests you as it will help you find new friends.

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    Drugs and alcohol

    Alcohol and drugs are usually around and never hard to find. If you were clean before college, then it is a good idea to avoid this stuff in college as well. An occasional party is no real big deal as long as you don't make it a habit and start to lose interest in your education. Use your best judgement when it comes to alcohol while in college.

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    Be prepared

    It is very important that you are prepared for anything during your freshmen year of college. If you are in a cold climate then make sure you have the appropriate clothing. Bring all the necessities that you need to be comfortable.

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