Biology Projects for Class 12th Students

Students face number of problems while making their final projects. As the projects are inevitable to pass the final exams so they are left with no other options except to have those. The biggest problem could be faced at that time is that of selecting the suitable idea or topic. A lot of students fail to select an idea of their own choice which sooner or later creates some problems in conducting the project successfully. It has also been observed that student adopt a topic in a hurry perceiving it very easy to work on, but they lost interest in the midway.

This is the time what we call point of no return as a comprehensive time is spent on the first one and you quit it will take almost double time. To avoid these inconveniences here are few steps following which the students could overcome the hurdle of passing the Biology projects for class 12th in comfortable manner. We can divide the biological projects ideas for 12th class in three categories as under.


  • 1

    Botany related ideas

    Biological projects provide variety of ideas to work on so one can pick an idea of his interest. Suppose if one is near to nature and natural scenes inspire him or her, they can adopt a project regarding the trees and plants. There are plenty of topics to be covered as far as their study is concerned. The specific term used about it is the botany and it includes many issues like:

    1) Does crowding affect plant growth?
    2) What affect does the brightness of light have on the growth rate of a plant?
    3) The effects of light on seedlings germination
    4) How does soil pH affect the pH of water that touches the soil?
    5) Importance of nitrogen fixation,
    6) How do different types of fertilizers affect plant growth?
    7)  How do different conditions affect the speed at which fruit and vegetables ripen?

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    Zoology related ideas

    There is another interesting topic for the pet lovers where they can conduct a research work on the habits and living styles of various animals. This will provide plenty of information along with great interest and the student of class 12 will never feel bore while having these projects. The study also includes kingdom, phylum, xylem, classification and distribution of all animals. In addition these ideas can also be adopted for the final project of class 12:

    1) Do turtles recognize the colors?
    2) Respiration process in human body
    3) How does caffeine effect on the psychology of animals
    4) Bones and calcium study in human body
    5) Roles of colors and sugar content in humming birds
    6) Why do birds migrate?
    7) What colors the birds are attracted to?
    8) How do Ants react to the shortage of food

  • 3

    Human anatomy related ideas

    We can select various topics from human anatomy. Human body is comprised on a complicated system and it has always provided new horizons for the scientists of all ages to conduct research works on it. Human anatomy can offer the students of 12 with biological projects like, and other ideas can be like as followings:

    1) Global warming and effects on human body
    2) Pollution and breathe system of man
    3) Increasing trend of fast foods and impact on digest system of man
    4) How does caffeine affect the body?
    5) Does music affect hand-eye coordination?
    6) Does the weather affect a person's mood?
    7) Does playing video games affect a person's heart rate?
    8) Does exercise affect memory retention?

  • 4

    Keep yourself in touch with the latest happenings as they could offer you an idea you were looking for. Here are few examples of interesting topics and ideas, Chemical analysis of food, Adulteration in food, Reverse Osmosis and blood test, bio gas plant and vegetable reproduction etc. Even more topics of various origins and lives could be adopted for Biology projects.

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