Ways to Be Smart about Your Money in College

College time can really prove to be very expensive. First, there are graduation costs and if that is not enough, access to credit card means that you will be spending more on fun and adventure related activities with your friends. The result is that you end up in a high debt by the time you graduate and after that the painful process of reimbursement starts.

These expenses can however be curtailed to a large extent provided that you act maturely and keep track of your income and earnings. In this article, we will give you the tips through which you can be smart about managing your money in college.

Simply scroll down and start working on every step which has been provided in this article.


  • 1

    Make Calculations

    Get yourself abreast with the reality. Do the maths and figure out how much money you need, or will be needing, for rent, bills, groceries and any other expenses which can occur. This will keep you grounded as far as the extravagant expenses are concerned.

  • 2

    Always Pay on Time

    Never get in anybody’s debt. Always make a habit to pay your dues in time. This will not only save you the embarrassment, but also the late charges.

  • 3

    Keep a Constant Check on Your Balance

    You should not lose track of the amount available to you. Make it a habit to check your balance every 10 days and counter check all the ingoing and outgoing transactions, along with the profit rates and bank charges. It is pertinent to mention that online access to your account can result in identity thefts through hacking or carelessness on your part. It is therefore not recommended to use the online method to check the balance, at least till the time you are in college.

  • 4

    Textbooks Can Wait

    At the end of each semester, there is always a demand of new books. However, in most of the cases, the final syllabuses and recommended text books are not intimated immediately. It is therefore important not to buy these books, merely based on hunches. Even when the syllabuses are out, check if you can borrow a textbook from old students, or can find its free soft copy online.

  • 5

    Use the Student Discount

    Regardless of whether it is transport, food or another expense, there is good chance of some discount for students. It is a privilege which society gives, and be sure to enjoy it.

  • 6

    Be Simple

    Stop spending on rented cars and hotelling to avoid drastic expenses.

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