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Parent’s are a treasured possession and insulting or ridiculing them is a cardinal sin. Children, especially, tend to take up issues with their fathers, who more often than not, are responsible for their child’s moral uprightness. They are a child’s biggest critic and this can create a bit of friction. But, at the end of the day whatever a father does is for the betterment of his child.

All of us, who have been blessed with father, have had some heated moments with our father, and deep inside we regret our actions, especially because we never let them know about our guilt and humiliation. Although it is best to directly apologise to your father once you have crossed the line, if you are shy or embarrassed, writing a remorseful letter/email can be a decent way to convey the message.

While writing an apology email to your father, make sure you tell your father how sorry you are in the very first paragraph. In the second paragraph, try to offer an explanation for doing or saying whatever it was that you did or said to offend or anger him. In the final paragraph, make a promise to your father that you will do whatever you possibly can to make amends and refrain from committing the same mistake again.


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    Sample of an Apology Email to Father

    To: derekshephered@hotmail.com

    Dear Father,

    I have no words to express the regret and shame I feel because of my loathsome and gutless behaviour. I admit what I did was wrong and that your annoyance and displeasure is not without merit.

    I still remember you lecturing me on the harmful effects of alcohol and why I should stay away from it until I am of a legal drinking age. The atmosphere at my friend’s party yesterday was such that I consciously ignored your warning and ended up drinking beer. It felt great at first, but the hangover that followed made me realise just what a big mistake I had made.

    I am so sorry for disobeying you and doing something so gravely stupid. I promise you I will not go near alcohol again until I am 21. Please forgive me this once. I have been feeling miserable ever since you have stopped talking to me.

    I miss you Dad,



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    Template of an Apology Email to Father

    To: [Recipient’s Email Address]

    Dear Father,

    I am really sorry for disappointing you by not getting good grades this term, Dad. I honestly feel miserable right now for not living up to your expectations.

    I will not try to make excuses for my dismal grades. I have been so involved in extra-curricular activities over the last few weeks that I have completely ignored my studies.

    I promise you that I will start concentrating on my studies more from now on and strike a balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. I will try my best not to disappoint you again.

    I love you Dad,

    [Sender’s Name]

    [Sender’s Email Address]

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