Training Announcement Email

Almost every company has a training session which they conduct in order to make sure their employees learn the art of business. The main purpose is to let the employees know the nature of the job so that they get to know what type of work they will have to do.

In the first paragraph, mention that the company is conducting a session and make sure you clearly define the place and time for the training session. In the second paragraph, clearly mention which department or which employees need to attend the session and in the concluding text, mention the benefits for the session.


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    Sample Training Announcement Email

    David Miller
    IT Engineer

    Dear David,

    This is to inform you that the company is conducting a training program for the IT department so that the employees get a good know how of how the new software, that has been installed on the company computers, works. The training sessions will start from Monday, March 20, to Wednesday, March22.

    It is stated that all employees from the IT department need to be present at the training session. The company wants the employees to take the program seriously as it is extremely important. The company has invited a renowned software analyst, who will be present to answer to all your queries. I certainly assure you that this session will be helpful in your future commitments for the company.

    It is requested that no employees should take leaves during this time period as the company regards this as a very important session for the employees.

    Yours sincerely,
    Simon Smith
    Manager IT

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    Template Training Announcement Email

    [Recipient’s Email]
    [Recipient’s Name]
    [Recipient’s Title]

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This email is to announce that the company is organizing a training session for the employees of the ______ department. The session will start from ______ to ______ and the company requests all the employees of the department to be present for the trainings session.

    The program has been organizing to make sure the employees excel in _______ and help the organization in the future.

    The company will certainly appreciate all the employees that attend the program and I request personally to employees for not going on any leaves during this time period.

    With regards,
    [Sender’s Name]
    [Sender’s Title]
    [Organization Name]

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