Change of Address Application Email

There are many occasion when a person feels to change his/her email address, be it out of sheer necessity or choice.

If you want to continue getting newsletters, summary of the bank statement (from your respective bank) and other letters from office or your relatives etc, change of address email is necessary.

You have to update information about your current address if you want to be contacted, and the best way to do it is by sending an email.

In the opening paragraph of the email, tell the concerned person whom you want to notify about the change in address. Specify different reasons why you are changing your address. Request that person to contact you at your new email address in the near future rather than the previous one, to ensure that effective communication is established.

Attach a file to the email containing your previous and new address and do notify that person about the attachment. End the email with a professional salutation including your name and telephone number.


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    Sample Change of Address Application Email

    Subject: Change in address:

    Dear Mr. Symonds,

    I want to inform you that I have moved to a different locality in order to minimize the distance from my office. I am quite satisfied after moving to this locality, where it only takes a few minutes to reach my office and drop my children at school on my way.

    I hope you will immediately react to the change and update my new address (the details of which are encolsed in the attachment) in your address book. Please note that I will start using my new address from now on and you can discard my previous mailing address. Let me know if you want any other details or have any difficulty in finding it.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Steve Clarke
    Tel: 001201398423234

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    Template Change of Address Application Email

    To: (email of the concerned person),
    Subject: Change in address:

    Dear (last name of the concerned person whom you want to tell change in email address),

    I am writing you this email to notify you about changing my address . I would have personally visited you to tell you about the change had I not been busy fulfilling other commitments.

    I have attached a file with this email containing my new address. I hope you will not find it difficult to find my new address as it is not too far away from the previous one. Do contact me if you want any other details.

    Thanks and Regards,

    (Telephone number)

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