Application Rejection Email

When a candidate fails to qualify for a certain job at your company, it is still your duty to inform him/her about the status of the application.

You can start your email by mentioning the position they had applied for, along with the name of your company and the department in which the position was vacant.

In the second and the third paragraph, you can talk about the applications you received and the status of recipient’s application.

At the end of the email, do not forget to mention that you have kept the applicant’s resume in your records for future consideration, as this will leave a good impression.


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    Sample of application rejection email

    Subject: Your Job application at GET Private Limited

    Dear Samuels,

    Thank you for applying to GET Private Limited for the position of Senior Executive in the New Media Department.

    We were very impressed with the quality of the applications received, and the selection of candidates from the overall pool was not an easy task.

    After detailed evaluation and analysis of your credentials and personal information, we have decided to maintain your profile in our active database for job openings in the future. Unfortunately, your credentials do not meet our current requirement for this particular position.

    You may, however, apply for other positions in GET Private Limited by visiting our website We assure you that your future applications will be thoroughly reviewed.


    Alex Eisenberg
    Officer Recruitment
    GET Private Limited

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    Temple of application rejection email

    To: [Applicant’s email]
    Subject: [Subject of the email]

    Dear [Applicant’s Name],

    Thank you for showing interest in working with the [Company Name] as [Position Title], at the [Department Name].

    After evaluating a number of profiles of different candidates, I regret to inform you that your credentials did not match our selection criteria, and someone else with better qualifications and experience has been selected for the particular position.

    We still have kept your resume for future considerations, and as soon as any position suiting your credentials comes up, we will certainly let you know at your email or phone number mentioned in the resume.

    Thank you again for considering us.


    [Your Name]
    [Your Designation]
    [Your Company]

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