Nokia Hotmail Email Settings Overview

Like every other cell phone, Nokia also allows you to make special email settings so that you can acquire a hindrance free access to your Hotmail account.

Now instead of spending time in waiting to get signed up to your personal Hotmail account through computer, just press a button on your Nokia handset and remain up to date.

Time has immense value which is why people prefer choosing such paths which help them in completing their task in less time; accessing your email account, Hotmail, through a cell phone definitely makes your job quite simple and easy.

Few relevant settings are required after which you will not only read your mails, but send a reply as well. Access to services also depends upon your cell phone; you have to check if your Nokia handset allows you to get the right to use it or not.


  • 1

    Go to Mail in your Nokia phone.

  • 2

    Select Options and then enter into Settings.

  • 3

    From the viewed list pick email.

  • 4

    Go to Option and then select the New Mailbox option.

  • 5

    Next you will have to click Start, a new message will appear on your screen asking Nokia Messages to swing, in order to control the swinging choose No.

  • 6

    You will be asked to type your Hotmail address, but you will not enter it as, enter it as The reason behind entering your email address in this manner is to fool your phone or else it will make a bookmark for the hotmail web page which is not required.

  • 7

    Before hitting Ok enter the password of your id.

  • 8

    On the next page you will enter your correct email address as and then click Ok.

  • 9

    Another message will appear on your screen showing that an error occurred and you will be allowed to manually setup IMAP and POP3 settings.

  • 10

    Hotmail supports POP3 settings so choose that.

  • 11

    A wizard intro will display on your screen, click OK.

  • 12

    For the POP3 mail settings enter the information stated below:

    For incoming mail

    Incoming mail server: type
    Security - SSL/TLS - very important

    For Outgoing Mail

    Outgoing mail server: type
    Security: Start TLS

    Select Port Number 25, if it does not work then select 587.

  • 13

    Before you start using the Hotmail service you will have to edit few settings which are previously made; go to connection settings and then into the Incoming email, change to

  • 14

    Leave the APOP off and do not edit any other information.

  • 15

    In the outgoing mail you have to make similar changes.

  • 16

    In the end click Done and it's all set!

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