How to Remove a Hotmail Email Virus

Email is one of the sources for spread of computer viruses globally at a quicker pace and effectively. Hotmail is not immune to them. It continually receives spams and infected messages, containing viruses in form of attachments most frequently. Luckily, Hotmail has an internal virus scanning software that scans all the emails that have landed in your inbox or junk folder, with some attractive phrases in the subject section to lure you to open the email.

Do not open an email message, especially if has an attachment with it and you suspect it is dodgy. Also, it is most likely that Hotmail will warn you against access of these message, giving infection alerts. If you ignore these warnings and access the attachment, it is likely to infect your computer, resulting in deletion of your data, corrupting of your applications and passing on some integral information to hackers.

So do not ever try to access a message, which is sent to you by a suspected or anonymous sender. Also, have in place a number of methods to protect your computer from consistent virus attacks, and post-attack deletion and scanning programs. The damages caused by a virus are very higher, otherwise.


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    Do Not Access Suspected Emails

    It is highly recommended that under no circumstances access suspected email messages, whether they are in your inbox or junk folder. Delete them immediately from the folder and then from the deleted emails folder. If you access such email messages, you are putting your system at risk.

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    Do Not Open Attachment

    Hotmail has an internal email and attachments scanning system and it alerts you in case of detecting a virus. You should not open an attachment from a sender you do not know, or the message appears to be dodgy. For example, someone pretending to be your relative sends a message of being stuck at some airport and asking for money from you, or claiming to be your relative willing to send you an inheritance money. Do not buy into these messages and delete such emails from your inbox at once.

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    Delete Infected Messages Completely

    Even if you do not open infected or virus containing messages, do not leave them in the folders. Some messages have capability of forwarding themselves to all addresses that are saved in your address book. So it is better to delete all infected messages from Inbox, junk folder and all deleted or trash folders. Leaving messages in your email system can be risky to your system.

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    Scan System If Infected

    If you happen to open an email message mistakenly that hits your system with virus, scan the entire system immediately. You must have installed an anti-virus program in your system, so soon after opening the suspected message, run the scanner and scan the entire system. It will fix any problem that possibly can be caused by the virus.

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