Away From the Office Email

If you are looking to take some time off work then it is vital to inform your clients well in advance. Furthermore, make sure there is no confusion in the date and time of your return and how any questions or queries will be answered in your absence.

Your away from office email should ideally use the minimum amount of words. It should be clear and to the point to avoid any confusion. Take your time to ensure you hit the mark.

Knowing the exact format of such email can help you save valuable time and makes things a lot simpler. In the opening paragraph of the email, provide the details of when you are leaving. Provide your contact details in second paragraph so the customer/client/colleague can contact you if required.

Do not forget to ensure that you use the right contact email addresses of the recipients. Also, choose a catchy and an effective subject line for your email.


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    Sample of away from office email

    Subject: Away From Office

    Dear Mr. Thomas,

    I will be away from the office from Monday, April 18 to Thursday May 17 and will be having no access to email or internet during that time. If you are looking to speak to me personally then kindly wait until my return. I will be responding to all email messages only after May 19.

    In case of emergency, contact  following people.

    For queries regarding a particular project:

    Bruce Robert

    Project Manager

    For general departmental concerns:

    Mike Holding
    Department Incharge


    Cann Rakhtar

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    Template of away from office email:

    To: [email address of the recipient]
    Subject: Out of office

    Dear [Name of the receiver],

    Thank you very much for your message. However, I am currently out of the office with limited or no access to internet. I will be returning on [day, date]

    If you need any assistance before then, you may reach me at [phone number]. For urgent issues, please consider sending an email to [name] at [email address] or [telephone number]; my assistant will help you out.

    If you have an urgent need and need a higher authoritry to assist you, do not hesitate to contact one of the following people.

    For queries regarding a particular project:

    [Phone Number]
    [Email Address]

    For [general] concerns:

    [Phone Number]
    [Email Address]


    [Your name]

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