Interview Appointment Email

An interview appointment email is usually written by a human resource manager of an organisation to a person who has been selected after an interview. The human resource manager congratulates the selected employee in this email.

In the opening paragraph, you should mention that you are happy to announce that the person has been selected after making a thorough evaluation of the credentials and interview.

In the following paragraph, you need to include the details that earned the applicant the position. Include the positive things including qualification and experience of the applicant in this paragraph.

In the final paragraph, you should include that the credentials or the documents of the applicant has been verified. Request the selected candidate to join your company on a specific date.


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    Sample of Interview Appointment Email


    Subject: Appointment letter For the Position of Sales Manager

    Dear Mr. Martin,

    I, John Moore the HR manager, am very happy to reveal this great news that you have been selected for the position of sales manager in our organisation named Phillips Corporation.

    After reviewing your credentials and working experience in different organisations, we found you appropriate for the position of sales manager. You impressive skills and track record earned you this position in this organisation.

    We have also verified all of your educational documents and have also got opinion of your previous employers. Everything is perfect in your credentials and we request you to join the company on May 21, 2013 at 9 am. If you have any query in any matter relating to appointment please contact us during working hours at 934758374.

    Waiting for you,

    John Moore
    HR manager
    Phillips Corporation

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    Template of Interview Appointment Email

    To: [Email address of the selected person]

    Subject: [Write subject]

    Dear [name of selected person],

    It is a great honour for me, [write your name], to announce that you have been selected for the position of [write position] in our company [name of the company]. I want to congratulate you for being selected as [position’s name].

    We found you completely fit for this position because you have relevant academic qualifications and also have a proven track record of working in different organisations in this field.

    All of your credentials are verified and we request you to join us on [write joining date] at [write time]. We are looking forward to meet you on the appointed day.

    Waiting for you,

    [Your name]
    [Company name]

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