Resignation Announcement Email to Staff

A resignation announcement email is sent to all the staff members of a company, informing them about a person who is planning to leave the organisation.

The content of the email contains the name of the employee who has resigned and the date when he will leave the company.

If the company arranges any farewell party, then you can state the date and venue for that too. Also, you can mention his/her achievements during the tenure at the organisation, such as his position at which the employee was hired and the position at which he resigned.


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    Sample of resignation announcement email to staff

    Subject: Resignation announcement of an employee

    To all staff,

    It is to inform you that Phil Mickelson has resigned from the position of Senior Executive HR, effective April 22, 2013.

    Mickelson joined the ABC Group of Companies in 2009 as Junior Officer HR and worked really hard to reach the position of Senior Executive HR. All the staff members really enjoyed working with him, in the last 4 years.

    He will now be working with another company as an assistant manager. We wish him best of luck for all his future endeavours.

    The company has  decided to stage a farewell party for our co-worker and friend, on April 20, 2013, at the Main Auditorium. You are hereby requested to attend the party giving toast to one of our best employees.


    Alex Eisenberg
    Manager HR
    ABC Group of Companies

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    Template of resignation announcement email to Staff

    To: [email of HR department]
    cc: [emails for staff members]
    Subject: [Subject of the email]

    To all staff,

    With much regret, I must announce the resignation of [Employee Name], who is leaving his position of [Employee’s position] from [Company Name], effective [Date].

    [Employee Name] started with [Company Name] in [Date/Month/Year] as a [Employee position at joining] and eventually worked his way up to [Employee’s current position]. He had been a valued part of our team over the past four years and most people here in this company really enjoyed working alongside him.

    [Employee Name] will be working with another company in the same industry, as a [Position title]. We wish him every success in his new endeavours.

    I request you all to join us at the farewell party that the company has arranged to send him best wishes. The farewell party will be held on [Date], in the [Venue].

    I look forward to seeing all of our staff members at the farewell party, giving toast to our colleague and friend, a person who brought a lot of success to this company.


    [Your Name]
    [Your Position]
    [Company Name]

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