Teaching Job Application Email

Teaching job application email is written by an applicant in response to an advertisement in a magazine, newspaper or on website by an educational institute for the position of a teacher.

In the starting paragraph, you should write the reference of the job by including the date of the job posting and also the position.

In the following paragraph, you need to add your educational qualifications, achievements and working experience as a teacher. Also include that you fulfil the requirements for the concerned job.

In the third paragraph, you should include your communication skills and expertise and also include your objectives that have forced you to apply for this job.


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    Sample of Teaching Job Application Email

    To: principle@beaconhighschool.com
    Mr. Mike Miller,
    Beacon High School,

    Dear Sir,

    With reference to your advertisement at the National Magazine on May 9, for the position of English teacher, I am sending this teaching job application email. I have also attached my credentials with this email.

    I have completed my Masters degree in English language and literature and have also earned many awards during my education. Besides the academic achievements, I also have been teaching English to different the students of different grades for the last six years. I fulfil all requirements for the job position that you have advertised.

    Having a teaching experience to different grades, I have developed my communication skills and also have got effective skills to bring positive and desired results. Please give me a chance and I assure you that you will be proud of this decision.

    Yours sincerely,

    Cassandra Laurel
    M.A English

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    Template of Teaching Job Application Email

    To: [Principal’s email address]
    [Name of the principal]
    [School’s name]

    Dear Sir,

    I, [Your name], am writing this teaching job application email to you in response to your advertisement in [name of newspaper, magazine or website] for the position of [write position] at [school’s name].

    I have got [write degree] in the subject of [subject name] and have also achieve [percentage or marks or CGPA]. I am an experienced teacher and have been associated with this field for the last [duration of teaching years]. I fulfil all of your requirements that you have mentioned for the position of [write position].

    I am also very competent and adept in fulfilling my job responsibilities in an efficient and effective manner. If you give me a chance, I shall become an asset for your school. Please consider me for this job position.

    Yours sincerely,

    [Your name]
    [Academic qualification]

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