Business Event Invitation Email

If you are working as a communication officer or coordinator in some organisation then it is your responsibility to keep all team members updated about the current happenings. If the company is planning an event then you will have to notify all the relevant persons beforehand. The best method is to send an invitational email.

However, you will have to be very professional and courteous at the same time as you do not have any personal relation with anyone. However, you are supposed to make your guests believe that their presence will add to the particular event. To do that, you will have to keep a couple of important things in mind.

First, make sure you are sending the email to the right addresses then mention the subject to lock their attention immediately.

Give suitable salutation and then start your email by providing them the necessary information about the event. Make sure you are putting correct time, date and venue of the event.

In the second paragraph, you will mention the purpose of this event and describe how important this gathering is. You may include some directions for the guests if required.

Last but not least, you should provide contact numbers in case someone has any questions regarding this event.

Conclude your email with the proper closing followed by your name and other necessary details.


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    Sample of Business Event Invitation Email:

    Subject: Invitation for Business Event

    Dear Mr. John,

    This email is to invite you to the annual dinner organised by Pearl Media Solutions Pvt Ltd. This dinner is going to take place on Sunday, August 17, 2011 in Executive Club located at Burnas Road, Birmingham.

    As you know, our company organises such events every year and the reason is to gather the Pearl family and spend a good time while discussing next year’s plans. We feel that your presence will greatly add to our event so please spare some time and give us the pleasure of your company from 8 pm to 11 pm.

    You may contact us on 476-198-472 for the confirmation.

    Hoping for an affirmative response.


    Roger Marvell
    Communication Officer
    Pearl Media Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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    Template of Business Event Invitation Email:

    To: [Email address of the recipient]
    Subject: Invitation for Business Event

    Dear [Name of the recipient],

    This is an invitation for you to come to [Your Event] on [Date and Location]. This [event] is part of our customs and we would like to have you with us on this occasion.

    The main objective of this gathering is [mention the purpose of event] and we hope you will again show full interest this time. We are expecting you to show up at [put the exact time].

    If you have any questions then feel free to contact us on [your contact information].

    Thank you.

    [Your Name]
    [Other necessary information]

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