How To Attach Files to An Email Message On The Macbook

MacBook is a notebook computer which has been manufactured by Apple Inc. It is one of the most widely used computers and provides a lot of features to its users. MacBook includes built-in Apple Mail programme which allows you to attach files in your emails as per your requirements. You can send a single file or multiple files according to your need in your emails. You should know that you cannot exceed the attachment limit of an email, but you can send the respective files in multiple emails. Besides, Apple Mail software also provides a built-in feature which allows you to view photo or video directly from your iPhoto library and then insert it in your email.

If you are using MacBook and want to attach files to an email, you can easily do it. In this article, we have discussed the steps which you can take to attach files to an email in MacBook. Moreover, the process has been discussed in a very simple way so that you don’t face any kind of trouble following it.


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    First of all, you have to open your Apple Mail. You can simply open it by clicking ‘File’ menu and then selecting ‘New Message’.

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    When the Apple Mail will be opened, just enter the recipient’s email address, the subject of the email and your message. Then, you will have to select your email account from the drop-down list which appears when you will click ‘From’.

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    After filling the necessary information, you have to click on the square paper clip icon which is displayed at the top right corner of your email screen. Then, find the file which you intend to attach to your email and click ‘Choose File’ option. If you have multiple files to attach, you can do it by repeating the process.

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    Now, you have to click on the square airplane icon which you can find at the top left corner of your email screen in order to send your message along with the file or files which you have attached to it.

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