How to Avoid Hacking of Emails

Emails are something very personal and some of them can contain really sensitive information, thus attracting hackers. Fortunately, it is not too hard to make it next to impossible for the hackers to get into your email account and accessing your emails.


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    One of the most effective ways of keeping your emails safe from hackers is by choosing a complex password. If you keep a simple password, a hacker may be able to access your emails by spending some time guessing what your password is. This is especially true if the person try to hack into your email account is a family member or friend, as they will have general idea of your interests. Avoid keeping a name or date of birth as a password, as these are relatively easy to guess for hackers. Instead, use both upper and lower case letters, along with special characters in your password.

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    Even if you keep a complex password, there is a chance that the hacker may be able to somehow determine it after persistent attempts. In order to keep the hacker from getting close to guessing your password, keep changing it to a new complex password every month or so. The frequency of choosing a new complex password should really depend on how desperate you are to keep your emails out of a hacker’s reach. If you have some classified information in your email account, consider changing your password every couple of weeks instead of waiting for the month to end.

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    Avoid accessing your emails from a computer or cell-phone other than your own. Even if you must access your emails on a public computer, make sure you properly sign out of your account, delete history and clear the cache. This will ensure that someone else does not get into your account.

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    Download, install and run an antivirus programme on your system. It will help you to detect and prevent any suspicious activity on the computer such as someone attempting to hack into your email account. If the antivirus programme detects something, it will ask you to take an appropriate action.

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    Make sure that your system does not have a key-logger installed on it. Some antivirus programmes fail in detecting key-logging software, which is why you need to install anti-key-logging software on your computer. The software will scan you computer for any such programme and remove it, thus making your system safe.

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