Follow Up Apology Email

Follow up apology email is usually written by someone who realised that he had done something wrong and he sent an apology email to the concerned person but that email remained unanswered. Follow up apology email is the second email written by an employee who is really sorry on what he has already done.

In the opening paragraph of a follow up apology email, you should write that the reason of this email to the concerned person or authority.

In the following paragraph, you should show your deep regret on the mistakes you have done that affected the objectives or goals of the organisation. Also accept your mistakes without putting up any lame excuses for your mistake.

In the final paragraph, you should mention that you will not repeat the mistake and that you will try your level best to perform all of your duties with a greater level of dedication and commitment.


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    Sample of Follow Up Apology Email

    Subject: Follow up apology email

    Respected Mr. John Smith,

    With deep respect it is stated that I, Joseph Jordon, sent you an apology email on May 10 in which I mentioned my regret for not performing my tasks the way I should have. However, I have not yet received any response from your side and this email is a follow up of the previous one.

    Through this email, I want to show you that I am extremely ashamed of what I have done. It was not like a true professional and that caused harm to the goals of the organisation. However, I assure you that I shall never repeat this mistake again and that I shall live up to your expectations from now onwards.

    Please forgive me for this mistake as I have great honour for this organisation and I want to see it grow. I am looking forward for your kind response in this regards.

    With sincerest apologies,

    Joseph Jordon
    Assistant sales manager
    Martin Corporation

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    Template of Follow Up Apology Email

    To: [Email address of concerned person]
    Subject: [Subject of the email]

    Respected [name of concerned authority],

    With greater respect it is stated that I sent an email on [write date] in which I apologised for the mistake that I have done. I did not receive any response and I am writing this follow up email to say that I am really sorry for what I have done.

    I honour this company and do not want to lose my job as a [write designation] because it is my passion to grow in this field while remaining in this organisation. I assure you that I shall never make you disappointed again.

    I shall pay more attention to all of my tasks and shall fulfill all of my responsibilities with a greater level of commitment. Please forgive me this time.
    With deepest apologies,

    [Your name]
    [Company name]

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