Sales Motivation Email

When a company boosts its sales, it becomes necessary to motivate its sales team and other employees even more, as the competition in the market gets tougher. However, when it comes to writing a sales motivation email, most new sales managers are not sure what to write and how to motivate their team with a few words.

Here we will show you how to write a sales motivation email and also provide a sample and a template you can use for your own email.

Tips for Writing a Sales Motivation Email

  • Maintain a positive tone throughout the email
  • Start the email by appreciating the sales team’s efforts
  • If the team has achieved targets, congratulate them, if not, encourage them to do so
  • Explain the benefits of boosting sales for your company
  • Express your confidence in the employees before signing off


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    Sample of a Sales Motivation Email

    Dear sales team,

    I am really excited to tell you that our company achieved its sales target this month and it only became possible because of your dedication and hard work.

    I truly appreciate the efforts each single one of you has put into this new project of ours, and the first quarter results are beyond our expectations.

    As you all know, last year was not as productive as we wanted and sales for some of our products were very low. But with a new sales growth strategy in place, you people have worked magic this time. All the projects performed better, but there is always room for improvement. I know you all have what it takes to beat our own sales record.

    I am confident that you will do even better in the next quarter.


    Mark Sanders,
    Sales Director,
    ADY Limited,
    New York, NY 102331

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    Template of a Sales Motivation Email

    Dear (Recipient’s name/employees/all/etc.),

    I am delighted to inform you all that the company’s sales have reached an all-time high for this month. I must say that our sales target could not have been met without your efforts and sensible planning.

    Our sales, which were not so impressive last month, have shown a huge jump this time. All our products did amazingly well with people showing an interest in them. Best of all, there is a growing demand for the products and the next month should bring us even bigger surprises.

    I have full confidence in your efforts and dedication and hope that you will surprise us even more next month with more sales.


    (Sender name)
    (Sender designation)
    (Company name)

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