How to Block Someone on Hotmail Messenger

You can add as many people in your contact list as you wish. But sometimes you find a person who is extremely irritating or somehow you do not want that particular person in your contact list.

The best solution to this problem is to block that particular person. MSN Messenger provides a simple and easy way to block a contact and you will be able to avoid unwanted persons in your contact list through this process. Moreover, he/she will not be able to see your status as well and cannot bother you in the future. Given below is a simple step by step instructions to block someone on Hotmail Messenger for your convenience.


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    Make sure that your computer or laptop is on and that Windows or whatever operating system you use has fully loaded. On your desktop look for the icon for MSN Messenger and be sure to double click on it to open. Once MSN Messenger opens you will have to login using your username and password. If you have done this correctly then MSN Messenger will open up.

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    Now look at your contact list, and find the user name of the person you want to block. Be careful to select the proper contact as you do not want to end up blocking someone that you want to chat with.

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    Once you have located the person you want to block, right click on that specific contact and select “Block” in a given menu. This is relatively simple and can be done by even the most basic computer user.

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    All done. The person has been blocked and he/she won't be able to bother you again unless you unlock that contact.

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    In case you do not want the contact permanently in your contact list, you can delete him/her and you can get rid of that specific contact. All you have to do is just right click on the contact and there you will see a “Delete Contact” option in the drop-down menu. Click on this option and the person is no longer in your contact list.

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    If you have any issues while trying to do this then repeat all of the above mentioned steps and be careful to not skip any particular instruction. You can also check in the 'Help' section of MSN Messenger for a more detailed method of getting this job done. For some unusual reason if you are still having problems then go online and you will see a whole host of different websites and forums dedicated to issues with MSN Messenger. You will find professional and expert users giving their advice, tips and tricks. If you do not find what you are looking for then you can always post your own question on the forum and get some advice or help.

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