Employee Layoff Email

In today’s times, many companies have to come up with decisions to downsize. The main reason being the economic recession throughout the world and the financial situation many organizations are going through.

It is a critical situation for the company and the right use of words in extremely important. You need to justify your decision with the right reasons and explain why you have made the step. The first paragraph should include the reasons for the decision.

In the second paragraph, tell the employee about the decision and talk about his or her performance. In the concluding text, talk about the financials of the employee and the amount he will receive at the time of the layoff.


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    Sample Employee Layoff Email

    To: Richarddunne@systemtech.com

    Dear Richard,

    As you know that the country is suffering from a recession period at the moment, our company has also decided to take some necessary steps in this cause. We have tried our level best to keep all the employees at the company but the financial situation does not allow us to do so.

    We are disappointed to tell you that the company has decided to lay off some of the employees whose performances have not been at the required level. Unfortunately, your name is also on the list and you have been sent a copy of the layoff document.

    It is stated that the layoff is not temporary and you will leave on a permanent basis. The company assures you that the due payments will be made in time and you will be given a month’s pay in advance.

    In case you have any query regarding the decision, feel free to contact the Human Resource Department. You will be given all the answers for the decision the company has made.

    The company is extremely sorry for losing a great employee.

    With regards,
    Simon Stark
    Director Human Resource
    System Tech

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    Template of Employee Layoff Email

    To: [Email address of Recipient]
    [Name of Recipient]

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It is stated that considering the current economic situation of the country and the financial turmoil the company is going through, a decision of downsizing has been made. We are unable to match our competitors due to the financial situation of the company.

    The company is disappointed to state that unfortunately, your name is also on the list. The company decided to layoff certain employees judging them on their performance for the last six months.

    We are extremely sorry for coming up with this decision.

    With regards,
    [Sender’s Name]
    [Sender’s Title]
    [Organization’s Name]

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